Sunday, 13 October 2013

Magic Nail Laboratory Review

We were offered a chance to try out the Magic Nail Laboratory from Interplay. My daughter loves playing with nail varnish and painting nails. And for once this was a kit she could play with and maybe give my nail varnish a rest for once.
The kit comes with everything you will need to make your own nail varnish and then to wear it too!
The overall presentation of the nail kit has been put together really well and includes lots of important safety tips, fun facts and professional tips to keep your nails looking good and healthy.

The Magic Nail Laboratory includes a studio for keeping the entire ingredients and accessories well looked after and easily accessible when you need to use them.

The set includes a nail file and buffer and gives instructions on how to keep nails manicured and ready for painting.

The main base of the nail varnishes is a white liquid that dries clear and can be easily peeled off so no need for nail varnish remover making it a lot gentler for young kids nails.

Once you have made the base you can then add different colour pigments and even add a shimmer effect to create a really cool nail varnish.

Once your nails have been painted you can add some cool nail Art stickers the set includes two different types my daughters fav’s were the glow in the dark stickers, but the set also includes colour changing stickers that react in direct sunlight

The kit is recommended for children aged 10 or over. My daughter being 10 found the kit easy to use and never really need any help from me, younger children may need help just pouring the nail varnish liquid into the pots but other than that they should be fine to fully enjoy this product.

The only downside was that my daughter had to take it off on Sunday night ready for school she was too pleased but least she has plenty of nail varnish left for next weekend too!


The Magic Nails Laboratory is £12.99 RRP.  Find out more here:

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