Sunday, 13 October 2013

CandleRings Review

When I saw this posted on my facebook timeline I was like omg I need to get me one of these so I did!

The hardest part was trying to decide what one I wanted I finally decided on Vanilla Cupcake.

Once the candle arrived I could not wait to get burning it’s almost like a grown up kinder egg but without the chocolate.

After a few days I could finally see where my ring was hidden and I was getting eager to see what ring I may find would it be £10 or £1000 ekkk !!!

Finally tonight I was able to get my ring out (cough!) with a little help and a spoon.
Once the foil was out I let it cool down for a moment and then finally unwrapped my ring ... and I think my ring was only worth £10 but to be honest the ring was really pretty ... and much to my disappointed it was not worth a bit more I will be defiantly buying another one very soon maybe next time I will be a little more lucky.

You can buy your CandleRings here for £24.99


  1. Hahaha, I think your comparison to a Kinder egg very much hits the spot. And it is still a very lovely ring, whatever it's worth.

  2. yep will be ordering another one very soon ...