Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Jus Rol Pain Au Chocolat Review

Tuesday is Cooking day !

So today was a manic day for me as I had loads of running around to do! from going into town to shopping and then doctors not had a lot of time to stop and do fun things with the kids...... But once I had finished me and Amy decided to do some baking while the boys played Minecraft on the Xbox.

So after the success of making the pizza this week we decided to have a go at the Jus Rol Chocolate Croissant kit ......

As you can see inside the Box Of Jus Rol Pain Au Chocolat  you don't get a lot to play with but you really don't need much everything you need for making yummy treats are inside the box.

So you get enough to make 6 croissants in total & one can of ready made dough which is easy to open by pulling at the red triangle as you can see.

After placing 6 pieces of dough onto a baking tray Amy then started to place the little pieces of chocolate onto each end of the dough ...... then once this was complete all she had to do was roll each piece of dough around the chocolate and then turn over ready for making ... I have attached a video to show her doing this next step ...

After 12 mins in the oven they were ready and the house was filled with a sweet pasty smell ...... mmmmmm!!! and they looked great we let them cool for a moment ... and then made a cup of tea for myself and we sat down to eat what we have made while they were still warm .... Even the boys decided to come down once there noises attuned to the smell coming from the kitchen  ... these are definitely a big hit and they were not expensive and real easy to make my only issue was there just was not enough .... next time I think two packets will have to accidently fall into my shopping trolley lol .....  

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