Sunday, 27 October 2013

Amazing Teksta Robotic Puppy Space Jump 2013!

Mark Sunday the 27th October 2013 on your calendars for today is officially the day when you can witness  the Teksta Puppy becoming the first robotic toy canine in space! From 4pm today visitors to this blog will be able to watch a YouTube video featuring this groundbreaking event.

Some facts you need to know about the Teksta space jump.
  • Teksta went up to an altitude of 97,000ft before jumping and parachuting back to earth.
  • He endured Temperatures as low as -61 Celsius
  • He also encountered Air pressure changes of 0.406lbs/sq ft

Watch below what is surely one small step for robotic puppies and one giant leap for toykind!

TheTeksta robotic puppy represents an eight week old cyber-friend that responds to your childs voice and gestures.Teksta also responds to lights and sounds and  has its own app for tablet devices  that allows its owner to program dance moves coordinated to your own music library as well as other cool features.  
Each robotic puppy is engineered with very clever technology that allows Teksta to communicate by barking, whining and crying and also emote his/her feelings through changes in eye animation depicted through advanced LED lighting. 
Teksta's state of the art sensors allow the puppy to know when he is being pet, fed, spoken to and played with just like a real puppy. He/she even falls asleep when it gets dark and wakes up again when it's light. Perhaps unlike other pets Teksta is always happy to see it's owner and won't leave a mess on your carpet!
Now in its fourth generation of robotic puppies the technology has certainly come a long way and todays Teksta is more loveable and interactive than ever before. 
  • Teksta features over 100 physical and interactive play features.
  • No remote control needed. Now you can play with unique hand gestures that control and train Teksta making him/her do some neat tricks like stop, sit and my personal fav the back flip!
  • With his expressive beaming eye patterns that light up in different colors you can learn how Teksta is feeling, know when he/she is hungry, wants to play or just wants some attention.
  • Teksta comes with his own ball so you can play fetch and a great bone accessory so you can feed him/her when he is hungry.
  • With the new wireless and infrared technology you can now train Teksta to play with his friends and control his/her dance moves by downloading a free app.

Teksta is available in both blue and pink and will no doubt be a hot seller again this Christmas  time. I know it’s already on my kids lists to Santa (so look out for a potential review later).

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