Saturday, 17 December 2011

Little comp .... ends sunday night 8pm

Hi all hope you are having a great christmas and doing loads of advents and winning lots too ......

well i decided to do a little comp on my blog two prizes to win chosen at random .... to enter please see below ... the reason i am doing this is to help my sons pre school as they have helped both my boys so much with there speech as they both were a little slow in this department and i want to give something back ... i know some of you have helped already and i say thankyou for that so all you need to do ... is

  • Haven Please follow the link enter your details and please confirm details they are on 74% would love to get them to 100% once you have confirmed your details and dont the other steps on here please comment to say you have done with the new percentage total ... if you have done it before then say did it before as i have a good memory and know who has helped me before ...
  • Follow my blog
  • Use the hashtag #katiescrimbocomp and follow me on twitter @KTBennett83 so i can hold of you easier
  • and please comment to say you have done these all thanks so much
PLEASE NOTE THAT THE Haven fun and fitness is not a comp i am just trying to support my childs pre school ....

one of the prizes you can win Paint your Own Piggy Bank

The other prize you can win Paint Your Own Snowman Mug


  1. I have registered my support with Haven and they are not on 79% (were on 77% before :)

    I am following your blog...And RT'd your tweet for you on Twitter @TinkerbellGemz


  2. I have registered my support too with Haven, they are at 79%. I am following your blog but im not on twitter im afraid xx

  3. thats fine Joanne P u can still be entered .....

  4. all done xx now on 86%hun xxx good luck hun xx

  5. Done hunny....up to 88% (@drcat1981)

  6. comp has now closed ....... thanks will get teh results ready stay tunned

  7. th winners are Gemma Turner and Linda Curtis thanks girl i have tagged you on facebook please get in contact so i can get your prize sent out asap ....