Monday, 9 March 2015

Chillfactor Slushy Maker Review

Spring is fast approaching and what better way to celebrate it’s impending arrival and hopefully the end to the winter weather than with a Chillfactor Slushy Maker...
Slushy makers are not a new thing in out home as we had purchased some a couple of years ago and the kids loved them, especially during warmer days. Granted they don’t get as much use over the colder months so when we decided to get them out of the cupboard ready for use we found that the inside of the mug (the part that freezes) had gone all funny and had to be thrown out. This was disappointing but in researching replacements we found out about the new and improved range from Chillfactor and jumped at the chance to try one out. Would the cool new design improve on the previous model or would it be a case of ice idea but another frosty reception!

When you first open the box the new model looks quite similar to the ones we had owned previously although this time they come in some great new and very vibrant colours. My kids love anything from ice-cream to ice-lollies and Slushy’s are a firm favourite too so making them in the comfort of our home is not just cheaper but quite possibly also a whole lot healthier given that you have control over what you are using to make the drinks and can afford extra colourings and sugar laden mixtures.

How it works
Prior to your first use make sure the Slushy Maker is washed out with warm soapy water and then place the special magic freezer part into a freezer for about 4 -6 hours.
Once this is sufficiently frozen you are ready to make your Slushy. First place the frozen part back into your cup and then attach the lid sections. Next you can proceed to adding your drink of choice to make your very own slush. Within a matter of mere minutes your chosen drink becomes a slushy just like magic... It really is as simple as that. No scrapping, no stirring, just a perfect slushy!

Whilst on the whole the new Chillfactor Slushy Maker works in the same way as previous versions, the new improved colours are fun and the easy locking lid a big improvement. I guess only time will tell if they last a lot longer but frequent use  would certainly avoid any problems with storage although I am confident that Chillfactor’s improved design goes beyond the cosmetic. Highly recommended for children (and adults) of all ages!

What’s in the box
1x Chillfactor Tutti Fruity Slushy Maker
1x lid
1x reusable slushy spoon and straw
1x instruction booklet