Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Capture the Colour Competion

I  just found out about a great colour capture bloggers competition from by Travel Supermarket have launched - Capture the Colour  They want bloggers to blog about  photos representing showing  four colours red, yellow, blue, white  and green and the best blog that shows these colours will win  £2000 in travel vouchers .... sounds like a plan i saw this blog on Superluckys blog which is here


Last year I went to Belvoir Castle and whist I was there i walked around there rose Gardens and I wwalked upon the most amazing Red Roses i have ever seen. I took this photo using my Nixon Coolpix Camera colour capture mode....


Not far from my house is a park in Plymouth, keyham and I took the kids walking up there one day and decided to take pictures of the dockyard through the trees and i captured the green again with my coolpix camera to make a striking photo....


On a rainy afternoon me and the kids made a local visit to our Aquarium in Plymouth and during our vist be saw sharks, starfish, clown fish but the best part had to be the Turtles in there watery Blue water breath-taking....



 This was taking last Winter when Plymouth got so cold that on my way to work I could not even read the Bus stop sign takes to all the white snowflakes of ice all over it  Brrrrrr!!!


Taken in my back garden my Daughter Amy enjoying a moment inside her bright sunshine yellow Wendy house  on a hot summers day

The last part of this comp is to tag five Friends who might want to blog about the comp too  so i am tagging






 Ends today So fingers crossed for everyone who is entering 





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  1. Oh.. I just come across this or I would of entered :(