Friday, 14 June 2013

Bin Weevil Bling Tin Collector Pack Review

When I was asked to review the recently released Bin Weevils Bling Tin Collector Pack I knew my son would be over the moon as he had mentioned Bin Weevils several times prior having been impressed by the television adverts. He and his older brother and sister have already enjoyed playing similar games, in particular Moshi Monsters, so once the set arrived it was very important to gauge his reaction and opinion giving this review something of a child's eye view! Well, he was absolutely delighted! His ecstatic ‘review’ was a mixture of him running around the with house with the figures making all sorts of sound effect noises and chatter as he played before finding a ‘base’ for them to live in – hard to sum that up in any other words really but needless to say it’s a bout a positive review as a toy could get from a five year old.

Eventually mummy got a look-in on these odd looking characters that captivated him so much and here's what I can tell you...
In addition to the special Bin Weevils Bling Tin you get eight figures, including special golden representations of the characters Tink and Clott who are slightly larger than other six Bin Bots. The remaining six Bin Bot characters come in a variety of bright colours and are crystallised making them rarer than the normal Bin Bots – certain to impress other Bin Weevil collectors. Also included are a sheet of bling glitter stickers and six clear Bin Bot plinths for your characters to sit on as well as an information sheet. The plinths also link together to form a larger platform or path for your Bin Bots.
The tin has a brushed silver appearance and looks great with colourful logos and embossed character pictures that are visually appealing towards kids.  The tin was larger than I expected and therefore has plenty of storage for your new Bin Weevil characters as well as any others you may already own or collect in the future. The Bin Bots in particular are quite small and potentially easy to misplace so the tin acts as a great way to keep the little guys safe as well as encouraging children to tidy after play.

A nice extra feature was the 12 digit Bin Weevils secret code that you can redeem online using the ‘Mystery Code Machine’. Upon entering the code you unlock a surprise - we got some fab new things to decorate our virtual house in the free to play online Bin Weevil virtual world.
The online side of Bin Weevils is really great fun and having had a go at it myself found it seems very safe for kids to play on without the concerns and worries of other not so like minded individuals making it a potentially unsafe environment for children to play. It is similar in some ways to the Moshi Monster or Club Penguins websites and there is plenty to see and do, from watching cartoons to interacting with games or even growing a virtual garden. The map has many different places to go from food outlets to feed your virtual pet to online fashion stores in which you can personalise your character and house. There are different challenges to complete to help gain Mulch which acts as Bin Weevil currency such as the fore mentioned games and daily challenges, many of which have the added bonus of being somewhat educational so the children can learn whilst having fun – just don’t tell them!  On the website you can interact with other Bin Weevil fans and the quirky characters that inhabit the Bin Weevil world and it remains engaging whilst feeling less pressured and competitive than some similarly themed websites.
With an RRP of just £12.99 the Bin Weevils Bling Tin Collector Pack is good value for money as both a set and a future storage container for a growing collection and it would make a great birthday or Christmas gift or even a present for keeping a room tidy or doing well at school without breaking the piggy bank! 
The Bin Weevils Bling Tin Collector Pack and other Bin Weevils goodies are available from all good toy retailers including Amazon:
You can find the Bin Weevils Virtual World at the following link:

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