Sunday, 17 February 2013

Kingston Technology DataTraveler Locker Review

I was lucky enough to be asked to review for Kingston Technology and jumped at the chance being a gadget geek gal and all ...... the service was fantastic and the item came very quickly my courier such speedy service I was already a little impressed .... So I got to work unpacking my new little toy which was a DataTraveler Locker+ G2 Personal Security 16GB which retails for around £19.00 which I think is great for the amount of storage you have and the added security too .... 

And in this day and age we are living putting a price on personal data just does not happen with news reports of personal data, Id Theft and fraud always gracing our headlines, us as consumers are trying to find new and easier solutions to protecting our information from personal photos and videos of your children to course work being stolen the opportunity for these things being stolen is increasing.

So Kingston Technology have come to our rescue some what and made this handy little storage device which come in sizes from as little as 4GB to 32GB with  a 256-bit AES hardware encryption which utilizes a nice and easy password solution for unlocking the device giving you piece of mind your data is safe.

And the best thing is this lovely handy device is only just over 2 inches big so it can fit into your wallet or bag with ease all the data in such a small space (shame I cant dot hat with the kids toys if only!! )

As you can see from the photos its very sleek and stylish its made with durable metal casing and has a built in loop that can be easily attached to a briefcase, Bag or backpack.


Capacities 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB
Speed 10MB/s read 5MB/s write

Hardware encryption: The best in personal security to keep your data safe.
Superior password protection:  user sets a password to prevent unauthorized access.
Versatile: Works interchangeably between Mac OS X and Windows.
Secure: Drive locks down and reformats after 10 invalid login attempts.
Easy to use: No application installation required.
Password Manager: Access and store user names and passwords for up to 20 accounts. 
Compatibilty: Interchangable beween Mac OS X and windows systems.

Password set up menu very simple and easy to use feature.

So overall I love my new little gadget it has been a great new toy to add to my gadget collection ... and I would highly recommend anyone to get one of these if they are worried about keeping there personal data safe no don't fear no more and follow my links to take you to there page where you can buy one today ......

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