Monday, 18 February 2013

Favourite Outdoor toy !!

Now this is no normal run of the mill out door toy is not expensive anyone can have one .. does not matter how big your garden is .... but this is what me and the kids love to door out in what you can call out garden please mind the mess ekkk !!!  we were having a extension added on and our garden became a war zone ... so hence the need for outside fun in the way of bubbles ....

And the photos are not great but my son is no camera man lol .....

Well as you can see we made some great bubbles ... and had a lot of fun too .... so if you are like us no much room but what to have fun outdoors then get yourself a bubble wand (we got ours at Hawkins Bazaar before they closed but you can get one on Amazon for £9.75 with free delivery too )they and really cool bubbly fun ... and a great way to spend some time with the kids and who does not like playing with bubbles I know I do !!!

Also if you are looking for new outdoor ideas the try Toyz World they have some great toys on there our personal fav is the Ozbozz Pogo Stick they look great fun ... reminds me of the old space hopper kind of fun ... and they retail for £39,99 and is available in Pink/purple for the girls and black/silver for the boys great for ages 5 and up 

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