Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Half term Round Up comp

Right sorry its a day late ....... but I am down with cold .... so here it is nothing much but here is a a picture of some little gift I bought at woodlands .... and also my tomato plant pot too ...

So its really easy to enter ... a little rafflecopter comp and a link to join my facebook page which it I get enough likes on there I will host another comp .... soon .... so this comp will last seven days  from today so check back and Retweet every day and Goodluck .......

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Replies
    1. I wish I could spell! I meant Woodlands!

  2. we saw madagascar live :D

    i love woodlands !!

  3. yes i love woodlands too was such a cold day .... but i saw snow which is the first in year s lol if only for a second he he in plymouth we never get any .... really want to see madagascar but i won tickets for london gutted i had to turn them down ... but i prefer they went to someone who could use them maybe next time ....

  4. We didn't get up to much...We had terrible weather! Did manage a trip to the park but it was mainly indoor activities...Crafts, painting, board games & dvd's! :)

  5. i love board games but no one ever plays them with me ....

  6. We had Dvd days, made Easter Cards and did baking too :)

  7. During half-term the local Youth club was open every afternoon from 1-3.My oldest 2 children went everyday,I volunteered to help out and I did some Jewellery making with some of the children-it went down so well I'm doing it again during the Easter holidays.I also took my younger kids a couple times.I also had my first Girls only shopping trip with my 2 daughters which was great fun.