Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Here we go again!!!

Well i still need a washing machine and i have my heart set on the Samsung Eco Bubble as it has so many thing i need to save my washing life as you all know i still have loads of washing to do ....... and if Samsung ever need me to review one i am here .......  but the real reason i am here today is to explain that i also need a cooker so here i am trying to win one from Appliances online now i wanted to blog about the reason why i have entered and why i have chosen the product i want to win .......

The Zanussi ZCG662GNC Cooker comes in a sleek black colour.
The cooker is a lot larger than what i currently have so with all my cake baking and cooking for my family of five it would be great to get a lot more done. This model also comes with some great safety features, the flame safety device senses when the flame has been extinguished and automatically cuts off the gas supply preventing a dangerous gas leak. And my favourite part is,  The child safety lock will prevent any little  hands from opening the oven and risking burning themselves which is a godsend for any parent if you ask me.

 So this is what it can do now here are the reason i need a new cooker as you can see from my photos my cooker well has seen its days , the cooker came with the house and i have no idea how old its is and i would love to be able to get a new cooker for my new kitchen .... as i wont be having a electric this time and am having a gas fitted into my kitchen one because i prefer to cook with gas and two the kids can see the hot flame so they no not to touch as with mine here you can see its hard to see if the cooker is on or not ..... plus with the Zanussi cooker it has a hob safety glass that can be but over the hobs to protect any thing from being but over the hot areas ...... once again a great safety feature for family's like mine

 So you can see here the the hobs are right in reach of any hands and is not very safe at all for children ..........
And here you can see the oven is on but you have no way of telling that it is switched on so if any one puts anything on top of the oven hot plates they could be in for a nasty shock ...... not like i leave this unattended but you never know it only takes a second for something to go wrong and with the Zanussi you would have peace of mind with the hot plate cover and a child lock too

But remember like always you can enter too but make sure you watch the video first as this will help you get every step right and good luck .....  you can enter by clicking this link here .....

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