Thursday, 30 June 2011

Preview on the LeapPad Explorer and details of a fab Comp

Just received a email about the the new LeapPad that goes on sale on the 15th of August with a price tag of £79.99 from LeapFrogs website or From Toys r us  and is available to pre order now and available in Pink or Green. Now i know the price seems a little pricey and is it worth it I hear you say well knowing my experience with Leapfrog i have never doubted there products yet so I can assume it will be worth every penny. The LeapPad Explorer is available for ages 4 - 9 so if you have three kids like me and different ages they will find something that is suitable for there learning and if its anything like the Leapster 2 you can set different users so you can keep a eye on their progress via your PC and can monitor there progression and how they are learning through playing which has always been a major plus for me.

I hope to do a review of one of these later in the year so look out for that it all depends  on when i get my hands on this product by either winning one or buying one at Christmas and i am sure it will be on my top tips for prezzys for kids this Christmas.
But in the mean time go and enter the comp over at  LeapFrog UK Facebook page right now which ends on the 15th July so i recommend going to there page here and entering yourself they have already given two away and there is still one more up for grabs..... 


  • Just like there Page
  • Share a funny comment about a mishap with a gadget that you own that involves the kids
  • And the three best stories win a LeapPad Explorer finishes on the 15th July 
 Info taken from there webpage about the new LeapPad Explorer

LeapFrog is proud to announce the arrival of the new LeapPad Explorer, a multifunctional learning tablet device that introduces the next generation of learning, digital reading, and personal creativity for children ages 4 and up. LeapPad Explorer is designed to change the way children learn and play and this innovative new device will be available from Summer 2011, priced at £79.99 RRP.

LeapPad Explorer builds on the success of 2010's award winning handheld; Leapster Explorer and - just like an adult tablet - LeapPad Explorer combines the latest technology, educational content and entertainment features, specially tailored for young learners with a robust and durable design.

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