Saturday, 30 July 2011


Yes i am doing the Midnight walk tonight for St Lukes Hospice please feel free to sponsor me This year theme is Hula girls so Look out for pics later this week I am walking 7 Miles so it should be great fun and i am also doing a bit of Zumba before hand as a warm up  .....

  I Have been working out to UFC Ultimate Trainer for the 360 Xbox Kinect Part of a 30 day test to see how much fitter i can get i can tell you it has been a blast I have been eating loads of fruit and also doing loads of Zumba at my local Zumba class on a Monday ......  

Fruit ranges from nectarines, Blueberry's, Strawberry's and many more .....I have also been eating more low fat snacks like the velvet Crunch crisps too anything to help my calorie intake while i have been using the UFC trainer i will keep you more updated of more i progress later on this week and tell you more about the game but i can tell you its hard work but i ma starting to see its all starting to pay off ........ Plus i keeping think there is a holiday to be one at the end of it which is great motivation i can tell you

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