Sunday, 13 April 2014

My Style – Super Loops Bands Review

We were thrilled to unexpectedly receive the myStyle Super LoopBands for review last week. Both myself and my daughter absolutely love craft-making and have done a review for myStyle in the past for their Shamballa Jewellery so were delighted to have the chance to look at another high quality product from the same brand. Click here to check out the Shamballa fire Jewellery review.  

We were very keen to get this one all set up and ready to go and as the extended Easter break from school allows us ample time for fun we dived straight in! The box contains one hundred and twenty five different colour silicone loops, five metal ‘S’ clasps and a twelve page instruction booklet to help you along each step of the way.

The first step was to decide on the colours and we began by selecting twenty five silicone loops (you can use twenty for smaller hands). The contents of the set actually allow you make up to six bracelets depending on if you use twenty or twenty five silicone loops

From reading the instructions it seemed simple enough but as we progressed my little girl, age eleven, found it a little tricky at loop the silicone loop around the other one while trying to hold it in place.

I found the process easier within a few minutes I was able to make my own  bracelet. Once my daughter watched me make one she had another go and found it quite easy after watching me and then managed to make herself her own bracelet without any further difficulty 

We both found the instruction booklet very useful and it had clear and precise instructions that were easy to follow so the initial difficulties that my little girl had were more to do with coordination than confusion and soon we were happily onto making our next cool bracelets.

The best part about these fab bracelets is that if you fancy changing the colours they are easy to undo and start again so there is certainly a lot of replay value in the myStyle Super Loop Bands. With the low retail price of just £9.99 they make a great gift as well as keeping children (and adults) entertained. The bands themselves make really eye-catching accessories for the holidays so expect to see plenty of them around the high streets, and kids imaginary catwalks, as we move into summer!

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