Saturday, 12 April 2014

4M Green Science Green Rocket Review

We were sent a 4M Green Science Green Rocket kit to try out from Great Gizmos. The kit contains almost everything you need to make your own shooting rocket. The only things you need are water and two fizzy pop bottles to get going.

By using two recycled bottles not only will the kids learn the importance of recycling but they will also learn key Physics skills by stamping on the empty bottle and trying to get there rocket to reach heights of 25 meters (80ft).

So let’s get this flight ready and prepped to go!

The instruction booklet is really clear and easy to follow and with step to step diagrams too it’s not hard to go wrong. The kids found it real easy with their ages from 6 to 11 they got right to work making the rockets first then getting the launch tube ready. The only time I had to step in was to assemble the screws to the bottle connectors with a small cross screwdriver.

Once the rocket was all assembled and ready to go we were about to go and set it up in garden but to our avail the weather turned in and so the launch had to be cancelled until further notice (until the rain stopped)

But after a couple of days the weather was perfect launch weather so we were all ready and scheduled the launch and 16.00 hours (once the kids were home from school).

So without any further delays we have lift off in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, BLAST OFF!!!

So we were all set up and ready to go and we all had great fun jumping on the empty bottle and watching how far we were able to get the rocket up into the sky, not sure it was quite 25 meters but we were not far from that. But the kids were very impressed with the end result.

Box Contains

1x Stand Arm
1x Launch Tube
1x Flexible Pipe
2x Bottle connector Halves
2x Pipe Clamp Halves
2 Foam Rocket Heads
12x Fin Templates
2x Rocket Templates Orange/Black
3x Screws
1 x Set Small Nuts & Bolts
1x Set Large Nuts
1x Bolts Set
1x Washer and Split Washer
1x Double Sided Adhesive Tape
1x Full Instruction Guide

So overall we all enjoyed making this rocket and watching it take off the kids kept going for quite some time after the first launch each time trying to get higher and higher. It’s a great value product which helps promote physics and recycling so a BIG thumbs up from me. I will defiantly buying more Green Science projects in the future and they make great birthday presents too if you are interested in looking at some more of their products then click right here to check out Great Gizmos website.

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