Thursday, 3 April 2014

Great Gizmos 4M Woven Bracelets Making Kit Review

We were asked to review Great Gizmos 4M Woven Bracelets Making Kit much to my daughters delight, Once it arrived we got right to work choosing what colours she wanted her bracelets to be.

So we started to set up the contents of the box which included 8 different colour threads you need 14 at the most to make the bracelet so you will need to use some colours more than once.  You then need to cut the thread to 75 cm and then gather one end and tie a knot. Then divide the thread into 2 sections 7 strands each and then thread one of the colour needles throw one section and the other through the other section so you are ready to start. 

The next step was to attach the four jump rings to each end of the two chains and then add a hook to two of the jump rings on each bracelet. We then used the safety pins to attach each end of the chain onto a cushion to hold the chain in place while we braided the thread through the chains.


Now I will say my daughter found it hard to follow the instructions and even found it a tad confusing. Now this product is aimed for kids ages five and older on the box and I really can't see a five year old be able to do this so I would definitely aim this for kids eight and up. So we decided to check out the video on the website to see if this would help at all and I think it would have if it was not so fast maybe a step by step video would be good to help explain how the braiding worked. So after a few failed goes I decided to show my daughter another way to braid and even my daughter found my way a lot easier.
But once the bracelet was complete the results looked amazing and my daughter was very pleased too.

                   Box Contents
  •          1 Gold Chain
  •          1 Silver Chain
  •          8 Different Colour Threads
  •          4 Jump Rings
  •          2 Locks
  •          2 Needles
  •          2 Safety Pins
  •          1 Instruction Booklet



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