Thursday, 29 May 2014

Home Made Burgers

Like I promised here is a picture of tonight's tea we made homemade Burgers topped with melted cheese and bacon with added mushrooms fried onions and peppers .....

So this is how we made it ...

I bought two lots of minced beef about 540g in total added one chopped onion, Atbsp of Mustard with one egg yolk a tbsp of olive oil and about 30g of chopped Coriander. Then chucked this into a big bowl and mashed all together to make 8 burgers.

Pop these onto the grill to cook once they have cooked prepare the bacon and then place this on top of the burgers with a slice of processed burger cheese (we used dairylea slices)  pop these back into the oven.

While they are melting fry up the onions,mushrooms,and peppers and toast the burger buns.

Then the fun part making the burger I layered the onions and peppers on the bottom then added the burger with the bacon and melted cheese placed the mushrooms on the top and it was complete and it tasted amazing even the kids loved it which is great seeing as my boys are quite fussy when it comes to food.

The fun part was trying to eat it !!! 

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