Thursday, 29 May 2014

Catch Up Time !

Well had a busy week so far got a job interview this week at Build-A-Bear cant wait for that also had a few fab new reviews to do this week one of which will be live later today Suteki!  if all goes well. And a great opportunity for winning some cool stuff yourself more to follow today.

But please keep checking back for Iron Man 3 ArcStrike Toy review thanks to Toys R us toyologist program also received some Febreze from there new sleep serenity range thanks to super savvy.

Also a Box of OMG came today back full of goodies for the kids more to follow here too.

Also last monday me and my WWE crazed son went to the O2 Arena at watched WWE live was a great night and I even had fun too check out how close we were greats seats!

In the meantime have a look at what we have been cooking in the Bennett household this week from dino cupcakes + Popping candy to a home cooked chinese and Banana Fritters complete with syrup yummy!

Tonights menu homemade burgers with bacon and mushrooms and ships nom nom will post pics of this later too!

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