Thursday, 23 August 2012

Toyologist 2012 Lego Batman Batcave review

It’s that time of year ago Toyologist time I have been waiting for this since last year when we were unsuccessful ... so this year I could not wait to enter.... 
So me and my son Thomas who is 6 decided on reviewing his New lego Batman toy as he saved up all his pennies and did lots of chores around the house like keep his room tidy and take dishes to the kitchen.

so he could afford to buy this toy as it does not come Cheap at £69.99 but is it worth the money, well I’ll let you tell him in this little video below. 


Lego Super Heroes The Batcave (6860)

So as you can imagine after our trip back from Toys R us both the boys were excited (husband and son) so when we got home madness was unleashed upon the Bennett household as packing was ripped off and lots of Lego bags and instructions books were waiting for them.

But to everyone surprise the manuals were very straight forward with big illustrations to help you build each step as you go and lots of fun construction each step on the way.

After only a short time the Batcave was starting to take shape much to the kids delight, but needed some help from daddy on the more fiddly bits but otherwise found it easy to construct themselves so they did not get bored during the building stage.

Half an hour later they were finished and it was pretty impressive I think everyone’s favourite part is how Bruce Wayne changes into Batman like magic, in the set it also included Poison Ivy and Bane. So there is a lot of play value staging battles between the heroes and Super villains.

Like all Lego Play sets this set has set the kids imagination on fire and many hours of playtime to be had and represents great value for money
So if your children (or husband) are like mine and they love Lego and superheroes in equal proportions then this is a great buy for you.
You can get this from Toy R us by following this link here ... and at £69.99 it is worth every penny!

This set includes
  1. Batman
  2. Bruce Wayne
  3. Robin
  4. Poison Ivy
  5. Bane

As you can see we have bought a few extras to add to the Batcave

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