Saturday, 11 August 2012

Benefit Plymouth Boutique !!!

Thats right folks !! it is going to happen and very soon the Grand Opening is going to be on 28th September  and I cant wait .....

So what is it all about I hear you ask, well I was lucky enough to win a comp and go to London and meet Lisa Potter-Dixon who is the head make up artist and brow expert for Benefit.
I then got to visit one of there London Boutiques  and OMG they are pure heaven on a plate, I got my makeup done and my eyebrows as you can see from all the photos ... I was well impressed with my eyebrows they look stunning. 

I also was lucky enough to get some free make-up as well and bought some new foundation as well as i was very impressed with the finished look.

from right to left  ...
  1.  Coralista Ultra Plush / Sheer Coral Lip Gloss
  2.  They're Real! Mascara
  3. "That Gal" / Brightening Face Primer
  4.  Play Sticks Concealer Foundation And Powder
But you have noticed that my Just Real is a little bit different it's covered in orange swarovski Crystals and is very limited I think they is only 150 if I remember the girls telling me.

So after our make upper we went to a restaurant called Kettners in Soho where we I had such a great time with all the girls we played some games and chatted about loads ... Our meal was amazing I had the soup for starters which was Pea and Truffle which was out of this world ... My main was The slow cooked Pork and my dessert was the crème Brulee 

 This is my Room at the Raddison Blu it was super stylish with great a view of the London eye from my window and a few other landmarks too

After we all had ate we were taken to our Hotel which was right in the heart of the west end and will no doubt be a hotel i use again as it was right next to the theatre that is playing Matilda. This is wear we said our goodbyes and I had such a great time that i will remember my time in London with the benefit Girls for some time to come. But the best thing about it is that I did hear from then that we in Plymouth were getting our on Boutique store and i really cant wait as i am almost due to get my eyebrows re done soon.

Also they will be doing giveaways and you can get you make-up done its is going to be a good time to get yourself into Plymouth and visit debenhams i know i will be ... so if you see me come and say hello

This was my Yummy breakfast i had at the hotel the next morning it was super srummy

And here is the final photo of me and the other winners with Emily Thomson and Lisa Potter-Dixon after we had our makeup and brows done !!

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