Friday, 14 November 2014

Why We would like to review the Kurio Tablet?

Being a family of geeks and loving playing with any new tech or gadget .... I know my kids would love to help review the new Kurio Tablet ....

I must admit from a parents perspective the Kurio tablet comes with many benefits from safe web surfing  so no need to worry about them looking at any non age appropriate material.

With so many great apps to not only encourage safe and fun learning but lots of fun for both mum and dad too ...

With great multimedia capabilities from viewing pictures and videos to listening to music  there is plenty of different parts of kurio me and the family can review.

Not only can you setup different users on the Kurio they come pre loaded with loads of great apps, from family favorites from angry birds to wheres my water. So there is an app for everyone on the Kurio.

So not only will we deliver a fab review we  can give a great overview from ages 7 to 11 and both girl and boys opinions too.

The Kurio series  so far includes:

Kurio 4s touch

Kurio Phone

Kurio 7s

Kurio 10s

Kurio Tab

Kurio Pocket

Kurio TAB XL

So please pick us and  watch the Kurio magic unfold in great pictures and videos with a  fab review to showcase all the fab features ......

we would happy to review any of your products and cant wait for this fantastic opportunity

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