Monday, 21 July 2014

Febreze Sleep Serenity Review

So I was asked to try out Febreze's new Sleep Serenity range thanks to Super Savvy Me, and  I could not wait to get them in my hands. I am a big fan of  Febreze and the variety of products they do.

So once my pack arrived in the post the first and hardest question was which one do I try first, Moonlit Lavender, Warm milk and Honey and Quiet Jasmine.

So on the first few nights I decided on the Warm milk and Honey so about hour before bed I sprayed the bed with all over and the smell was divine ... almost wanted to dive right into bed (but it was bit wet so I thought better of it)!

Roll on Bedtime.

Now I do have trouble sleeping some nights it takes me a while to switch off ... and  on many occasion I do suffer with a broken night sleep due to my overactive thyroid sometimes making it hard to sleep, So I was quite anxious to see if this would work.

So upon waking the next morning I found to have slept all night and felt a bit sleepy but that is to be expected seeing as I never normally sleep the whole night through, whether this was bit of mind over matter only time would tell.

So after a few more nights I was starting to see a pattern that my sleeping habits were definitely improving, So I thought this was a good time to try out  Moonlit Lavender.  Lavender not being one of my fav smells I must say many years of growing up with lavender bushes all over the garden and vases of it all over the family  house, you could say I was sick of smell or immune to it. Once again I used it over a few nights and found the result to be about the same I was getting more sleep and finding that I was waking up more refreshed and to my surprise the Lavender smell was not too strong and really pleasant and  I quite liked it.

So I started letting my friends and family in on my sleeping secret ... and explaining why I was getting more sleep and how I was doing it, I even let my mum use the Warm Milk and Honey mist to see how she would get on. I gave out most of the coupons to my friends and got them to fill out a little survey.

So it was time for a change and time to try Quiet Jasmine, now out of the three I think this one was my least favorites the results were the same I was still getting a good nights sleep but not so keen on the scent of this one seemed to be missing something but not sure what.

I then decided not to use any of the Febreeze Serenity range for a whole week ... and gave the rest of the samples out to friends and neighbours to try ... and for a few days I seemed to be doing okay going to bed waking up all seemed to be going fine.. but then it started again I started waking up in the night and not been able to sleep. So the next morning I went to the shop and purchased Warm Milk and Honey and Moonlit Lavender and made sure I sprayed them onto the bed before bedtime ... took about a day to get back into a nice sleeping pattern and I now find I use it the sprays every other day to get a good balance of waking up feeling more refreshed after a good nights kip.

So after Trying out the Febreze Serenity range I can say its a must for my house not only have I found to benefit my sleeping and now being a must in my bedtime behaviors. It not only smells great and many of commented on what air fresheners I am using and then being surprised when  I inform them its Febreze Serenity range..  I have found it relaxes the kids before bed too, creates a calming ambiance around the house which is great when trying to get the kids settled at bedtime.

So thank you Febreze cant wait to see what is next up your creative sleeve.

Also grab your £1.00 off coupon on Super Savvy Me so you can try the new range too let me know which scent is your fav!

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