Monday, 9 June 2014

Dinosaur Roar! Apps book and more

My son loves this book a lot and its been a firm favorite for a long time now so my was so happy when they brought out an App!! Only £1.99 its a great buy from the book being a great feature in the app and colouring pages, To getting you Own Dino name Robert- o- Docus and Mummy-A-Tops. Its really good value for money. The only downside for us we have it only on such a small screen.

Every Night   Robert- o- Docus loves to have the story read to him by the kids doing the voices in the book this was a really great idea, and then having the choice to be able to record your own was so much fun especially when you listen to it afterwards. The app is really child friendly and easy to use that I am able to let him get on with it without having to worry.

After visiting their Facebook Page we also found out about a great competition they were doing featuring your child's roar, Where Paul and Henrietta Stickland will be picking one child to win a brand new iPad Mini which would be amazing. So my son loved to take part he had to dress up and wanted to feature the book in his video too he was a natural and here is our video below.

We are also very much excited about the Dinosaur Roar! tour and hoping we will be able to go and see that in either London or Plymouth once tickets go on sale. So make sure you subscribe on their website to find out more information when its available.

My son has so many costumes and dino figures he is even looking forward to the new Jurassic park film coming out next year I believe. He even dressed up as Dr Grant at school once before, they had to pick a character from their favorite book. He never won a prize but he loved his costume and still wears it now.

So why not pick up your own copy of Dinosaur Roar! and see what its all about after 20 years its still one of the best selling childrens picture books designed and illustrated and written by Paul and Henrietta Stickland. It will always be a family favorite for us its already been passed down by his big sister who's 11 and his brother whose 8 and its still going strong after all these years.

And if you get chance to have a play with the app we would love to know what dino names you got!

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