Monday, 17 February 2014

Half Term Ideas

Right half term has now started and now I need to keep the kids entertained on a small budget so this is what we have been upto so far this week

Over the weekend...

Bought the kids some bubbles and let them loose in the garden ....(only the top half as we have just moved and the new garden needs a lot of work ).... They had a lot of fun and even the kittens had fun chasing the bubbles.

This all ended in a huge water fight where we all got wet and ended up in a bath and then jammies... So Today was a Success!!!


We made our own pizza and even made the Pizza dough fresh in the bread maker which Skips the kitten thought was great watching the dough been kneaded .....shame I cant keep the kids amused like this.

And while we waited we even made some biscuits too .... just a simple shortbread recipe of flour,butter and sugar ....

I made lots of different shapes and my helper had fun making his own too ... and they were super yummy so today was a success too!

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