Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Shamballa Fire Jewellery Kit Review

Visitors to my blog might already know that myself and my daughter both love arts and crafts, especially making things, so we were very pleased to have an opportunity to have a play with the Shamballa Fire Jewellery Kit by MyStyle.

The product box features some lovely inspiring images of very pretty jewellery that can be made using the kit and inside we found: 
  • 2 Rose Pink shamballa beads
  • 3 Peach shamballa beads
  • 3 Fuchsia Pink shamballa beads
  • 20 Imitation glass pearls
  • Plastic coated jewellery wire
  • 8m of black cord
  • Jump rings
  • Clasp
  • Clamshell clasps
  • Ear hooks
  • Safety pin
  • Colour instruction booklet
The Shamballa Fire Jewellery Kit is recommended for 8 years and up and is definitely not suitable for very young children due to the smaller pieces being potential choking hazards so please keep that mind if there are younger siblings or small animals inside the house as such pieces can easily be lost or misplaced.

To begin with we had a good look at the instructions to get an idea of what to make first and started with a simple bracelet using some of the pink and peach beads with the glass. We carefully laid out the pieces we needed and set to work threading and knotting each bead until it was complete and I must say the finished product looked pretty good!

It took roughly 15 to 20 mins to finish our first attempt at a bracelet and I had to takeover on the odd occasion with the more fiddly work and it took me a while to thread the clasp in place to make the bracelets attach at each end so it can be worn.

We had fun with this kit and felt like professionals as the end products are of a really high standard thanks to the quality components included. This past week my daughter got her ears pierced and in 6 weeks time she will be able to wear other earrings so we are looking forward to having a go at making the earrings using the wire and the fuchsia pink Shamballa beads.

This kit cost £12.99 which is very good value for money and would make a great gift for older girls who love making their own jewellery. Adult supervision is advisable due to the small pieces and the trickiness of putting some of the smaller components together. Also included inside theShamballa Fire Jewellery Kit is a handy little box to safely store any unfinished designs and pieces should you need a break.

Overall we were very impressed with our finished jewellery and we think the price is right given the scope of creative play, quality of the pieces and the finished products you can create. Great for home fashion fun and budding entrepreneurs alike! We’ll update when our earrings are made...

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