Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Ravensburger Aquarelle Review

With the English weather proving as unpredictable as ever and outdoor activities being curtailed due to rain it’s comforting to think that Ravensburger once again has mums and dads covered with yet another product that is sure to bring a smile to the faces of children whilst keeping them engaged. If you're thinking along the lines of a jigsaw or a fantastic new board game you'd be wrong as Ravensburger have recently launched Aquarelle, a new range of liquid watercolour painting kits which have already won the Best New Toy award in the Creative category at the 2012 London Toy Fair.

The new Ravensburger Aquarelle range is recommended for budding artists aged 8 to 13 but myself and my 5 year old son enjoyed painting just as much as my 8 and 10 years so I would have no hesitation in recommending the product for boys and girls of all ages.

What's great about these new sets is the pictures have paint repellent lines outlining the forms (we had the horse set) which helps the watercolours to stay in the allotted sections, keeping budding Rembrandts on course. This has the added effect of providing a really tasteful effect to finished images as these outlines become part of the art work and help highlight the really vibrant colours. Even those new to painting will find this fun and although it’s easy to produce an attractive image those that fancy a bit more of a challenge have absolute freedom to create shading and mix a variety of additional colours from the pots of liquid watercolour provided.
Aquarelle sets come in different sizes and subjects from the mini (8.5 x 12 cm) which contains one painting sheet to the Midi (20 x 27cm) and finally the Maxi set (36 x 27cm) which both contain three painting sheets. Sets are varied and currently include horses, fairies, fish, butterflies, cities, cats, dolphins, safari and beach paradise scenes amongst others!

The multiple language instruction manual provides advice on colour mixing and a testing sheet is included meaning you can check to ensure you have the desired colour before you commit to placing it on your masterpiece!

Product: Aquarelle Midi set: Horses
What’s in the box:

  • 5 liquid watercolour paints - red, blue, black, yellow & pink
  • Mixing palette
  • Double ended brush
  • Testing card
  • Colour Chart and instructions
  • Three pictures to paint
  • Pipette 
I think these sets are fun for all weathers and would make great and affordable gifts for those all important school birthdays amongst others. There is a good selection of topics to paint and the vibrant final results really surprise and will look great on any fridge, wall or art gallery! I’d definitely invest in Aquarelle again for my kids as we all had fun painting although next time I think we’ll try one of their bigger sets as it did not take long too long to paint all three sheets, especially as we shared, and it was a shame when we had finished as the children in particular were keen to carry on . The only potential downside was that the double-ended paintbrush, whilst a great idea, had two very small tips that were perhaps better suited to more detailed work rather than covering some of the larger sections in the painting. We had some watercolour brushes to hand that we choose to use instead and feel these were more up to the task. The smaller brush(es) provided might also not withstand children who are less sure or heavier of hand but the overall feel of the product is one of quality as is to be expected from the Ravensburger brand.
Aquarelle sets retail from as little as £4.99 for the mini to £14.99 for the Maxi and can be purchased at
Mummy Age 30

Amy Age 10

Robert Age 5

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