Sunday, 4 November 2012

Dig & Play Egyptian Tomb Review

Bought this last year for my daughter and we only just got round to getting it out of the box so i thought we would do a review of this product ... The Age group is for 7+ but both my 6 year old and 9 year old enjoyed playing with this and its educational too ...

Has you can you get a big block of clay which you need to Excavate with the tools which include a hammer and scrapping tool as well as a brush brush around parts that you have uncovered so you can feel like a real archaeologist.

But make sure before you begin you put newspaper down or a bin bag or bag as it does make a big mess ...

This takes depending on the kids around a good hour or so to uncover all the pieces inside. 

30 mins later we start to see some pieces of the set coming out kids are getting a bit excited now ... Even I am starting to look forward to uncovering the Egyptian tomb and seeing what mysteries are inside ..
After about 1 hour 15 mins between me and the kids we finally uncovered the Tomb and inside are all the pieces the board game side of the pack, so even after you have finished uncovering all the pieces there is a board game included which is both fun and educational too kids really enjoyed this as well ... 

After another 15 mins we uncovered all the pieces and the excavation is complete time to clean up and play the board game 

The main aim of the board game is to see who can get to the treasure first using the dice and counters that you dug out. As you go around the board the game tells you some interesting facts about Egyptians which is great as my kids have been doing this in school. 

So i would  give this a thumbs up it can be a bit messy but that can be fun too and kids seemed to enjoy making mess and digging out the artefacts  and playing the  board game too and the best bit is if you are on a budget this Christmas then this is priced on amazon for less then a tenner its a great buy. 

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