Thursday, 2 February 2012

OMG have you seen the bedding !!!!

With a matter of months before the London 2012 Olympic Games The merchandise is on sale and i am loving it. Whether you are lucky enough like me to be going to the Olympics this year there is a  great range of merchandise on sale. I am lucky enough to be seeing water Polo in August thanks to Cadburys ... so i am sure i will be buying some merchandise soon enough the hard part is choosing what i want as i love pretty much all of it and below is some of my favourites from the selection currently on sale now.

These towels are just fab so even if you find yourself not going the Olympics sporting these at your local sports centre will show everyone how you are supporting the  Team GB and if you not as lucky as me to have Tom Daley practising at your Local Swimming pool then i am sure other people will like them too. Wont be long before my kids will be using these i am sure just need to save my pennies first as £18 they are not cheap for a mum on a budget like me.
Now these are just a mere few of my favs so far coming in sizes single double in the Flag linen ranging from £30, £45 and in the Wenlock Queens Gaurd Linen coming in size single only at £30.00 .... But i have found quite a few stocklist around is worth shopping around as prices can vary quite a bit

Official Website
Ashley Wilde

So you can see there is so much to choose from so
However you want to show your pride there is alot
of choice to choose from suiting everyones budget now the hard part is choosing what you want first ..

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