Thursday, 19 May 2011

Appliances Online And LG here my plea! from a mummy in need!

hi guys this is my story please help me get a new washing machine i am a mum of three and my current washing can't keep up with my family's active lifestyle from school to dancing,swimming and after school clubs my washing pile mounts up all the time. With four beds to clean and towels to wash my pile never seems to shrink  as you can see i am much need for one my washing machine is in there somewhere but this is all i do and i never get any mummy! time and don't have alot of time to dedicate to kids as  my washing never seems to go away My washing machine lives out in the shed so if its raining yes that's right i get wet !!  the reason for this is that it is too noisy and the it keeps the kids up at night because it is always on. But i have seen this great new LG Direct Drive washing machine that is super quite so it can be put inside the house so no more trips out in the garden  it also has a much bigger drum so less washing loads and it can a duvet so no more trips to laundrette if my kids spill a drink or have a accident, some models also feature a Steam Wash that delves deep into clothes with molecules 1,600 times smaller than water (which must be fab for getting stains out and keeping you clothes looking there best). I have also heard some models play music which is pretty cool if i say so myself being a bit of lover of all things quirky i am sure i will like this as much as my kids. Like  i said i am a mum of three so i cant afford a new one at the moment as money can be quite tight but maybe if you like this video you may be able to help me get a new washing machine ........i am sure there is a fairy washing machine mother out there some where .....
If you could go to Appliances online Facebook page and look for my 1st Video and then my 2nd Video and like them and even add a comment on them maybe offering me some personal ironing service would be nice lol (cough cough)  i'm not joking ha ha !!! if i can prove to LG that i am a mother in need then maybe just maybe they will let they just might answer my wish and give me a brand new washing machine......

p.s if they do ill review it for them too and let the whole world know how great they are i am not sucking up of course ..... okay maybe just a little!!!!

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